Fix MacOS Sierra Battery Life Problems

Facing Short Battery life trouble after upgrade to MacOS Sierra? Look at the following tips to maximize battery life with Mac OS X 10.12.

Turn Off Spotlight Indexing

That disable Spotlight indexing would help to improve your battery life a lot. How to turn it off? System Preferences > Hit Spotlight > Privacy tab > Next > Click on + button on the bottom left > select the hard drive or particular folder you want to to prevent it from searching these locations > OK.

Get away from Firefox

Using some particular apps such as firefox significantly reduces the mac’s battery life. Just witch using Google chrome instead.

Handle energy saver settings

System Preferences > Click on Energy Saver button in the screen > Tick all the available checkboxes to saving energy during the mac’s operating.

In additional, Turning off Notifications (System Preference > Notifications) and disabling Mail’s auto check mode are other effective solutions to improve battery life with MacOS Sierra.

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