How to fix Slow Finder in MacOS Sierra

slow-finer-macos-sierraFinder is too slow on MacOS Sierra and constantly freezes? Are you facing Abnormally Slow Folder Opening & Folder Populating? Look at the following solution to fix.

Fix completely if Finder working slowly in MacOS Sierra

  • From Sierra Finder window, press Command+Shift+G to call “Go To Folder” function and enter the following path:


  • Find and copy the following files into somewhere in the desktop for backup solution, then delete them completely: CloudKitMetadata, CloudKitMetadata-shm, CloudKitMetadata-wal

fix slow opening folder macos sierra

  • Next step, Access “Activity Monitor” (found in Applications/Utilities/), search with “cloudd” keyword to launch cloudd

how to call cloudd in macos sierra

  • Next, Quit the cloudd process to refresh it.

Quit the cloudd process

Done! The problem must be solved now.

All above step can be done through Terminal (found in Applications/Utilities/) by entering the following command line:

rm ~/Library/Caches/CloudKit/CloudKitMetadata*;killall cloudd

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