Guide to fixing MacOS Sierra Mail problems

There will be variety of mail issues that you may face after upgrading to the new MacOS Sierra.  Your particular case probably belongs to one of the following problems.

Mail configure problem

You can not verify your email account due to wrong configuration. Just use this useful tool to get your email account set correctly.

iCloud account issue

Sending email using iCloud account after upgrading to MacOS Sierra fails? Take the below steps to fix.

  1. System Preferences –> iCloud –> uncheck the box beside Mail –> Close System Preferences.
  2. Launch Mail app –> Preferences –> Account –> Choose iCloud
  3. Get your “Outgoing Mail Server” configured in the right way

Outlook problem?

For this case, you should download the latest software patch released by Microsoft.

How to fix freeze issue with Mail under MacOS Sierra?

If your Mail app has been crashing on launch, take the following steps.

  1. Quit the Mail completely
  2. Turn Off WiFi
  3. Launch Mail app, access Mail>Preferences>Accounts
  4. Disable existing accounts added one by one by uncheck the box beside each account
  5. Quit the Mail again, then get your Mac connected to the internet, then relaunch the Mail again.
  6. This step is important: Enable all account one by one again, but remember that you should let each account download all it’s mail before move over to the next one.

Other Mail problems after upgrading to MacOS Sierra?

1. Quit mail
2. Go to web mail (access your inbox via a browser with same login as in Mail)
3. Delete one message (preferably spam)
4. Launch the Mail app again to see the positive results.
Good luck!

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