How to fix “Bluetooth Not Available” problem under MacOS Sierra

After upgrading to the new Sierra OS, mac users may face “Bluetooth Not Available” error. Look at our solution to fix completely this problem.

bluetooth not available

Trash Existing Bluetooth Preferences then Reboot will fix Bluetooth Not Available issue

  1. From Finder window, press Command+Shift+G to call “Go To Folder” function, then enter the following line:


Go to folder

2. Find and remove the both “” and “” if possible.

3. Shut down the Mac, then boot the Mac again after some a couple of minutes waiting.

“Bluetooth Not available” must be gone away and the bluetooth must work correctly now, and “Bluetooth Not available” must be gone away.

If the problem remains the same, you can try to reset the SMC. For further instruction, look at the following topic from Appledigg: How to reset NVRAM/PRAM on Mac.

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