How to Install MacOS Sierra Safely to New Partition & Dual Boot El Capitan

The following steps really make it simple to get MacOS Sierra installed to an independent partition and dual boot El Capitan, Yosemite,…

Making a New Partition & Installing MacOS Sierra to Dual Boot the Mac

  • Launch “Disk Utility” and select the hard disk you want to create a new partition to install the MacOS Sierra into —> Click on “Partition” tab —> Click on Plus (+) button to create a new Partition.

Create new partition using disk utility

  • Set a name (MacOS Sierra is an example) and a reasonable size for the new disk. Finally click on “Apply” button to finish the process.

Start installing MacOS Sierra

  • Download MacOS Sierra: At the time you reach this article, MacOS Sierra probably is released officially by Apple. It is easy to download Sierra app from Apple store into Application folder. Otherwise, go to this topic to download Sierra.DMG.
  • From El Capitan, Yosemite or other current Mac OS X version using, run Sierra app or Sierra.DMG to start the installation process.

Install Sierra

  • The important thing is that you must select the MacOS Sierra Disk which had been created in the above steps.

select the MacOS Sierra Disk

Just follow the further steps, you are going to finish job soon to get MacOS Sierra dual booted with El Capitan, Yosemite,…

To make a clean install of MacOS Sierra, you may want to take a look on our another topic.

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