Solving the “Read Only” External Hard Drive Problem under MacOS Sierra

Can’t not transfer files (copy) to USB or external Hard drive? New mac users probably face the circumstance that plugged USB or external HDD is mounted for “Read Only” under MacOS Sierra. Do be worried, this can be explained and fixed.


All Mac OS X Version including the Mac OS X 10.12 – Sierra does not support write to NTFS partition by default. Your External Hard Drive or USB must be NTFS File system, you therefore can read only.

Solution to Fix

The easiest way is reformat your USB or External HDD with Fat, Fat32 or any file systems not is NTFS. However, this does not completely solve the problem because you may need to use someone’s flash disks sometimes.

For unlimited access to NTFS volumes in MacOS Sierra, I would Paragon NTFS 14 is the best Professional NTFS driver.

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